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What Makes Us Unique?

MCAN is the only organization in Montana that is a collaborative network of K-12, higher education, and industry professionals.

This network is a practitioner group with a passion for equity in education. 

Ways To Engage

  • Serve as MCAN ambassador

  • Hold leadership positions

  • Share your organizational missions/updates across our network

  • Speak or recommend speakers for MCAN training's/conference 

  • Assist in policy/advocacy work

  • Develop and recognize student achievers 


Member Benefits

  • Connects stakeholders with allies

  • Offer best practice conferences

  • Supply tools/resources to increase post secondary opportunities for Montana Students

  • Early access to newly published documents like MCAN GAP Analysis

  • Opportunities to participate in MCAN's Leadership Council and Committee workshops

  • Amplify your organizations efforts

  • Opportunities for organizational collaboration and peer networking


Montana's large geographical area leaves many citizens without a "near-by" college. This phenomenon is known nationally as an education desert.​

Montana's economy is struggling with a lack of a qualified and skilled workforce.

Montana students do not attain post-secondary educational goals at the same rates as other states or the nation. 

A high percentage of Montana students who are in our K-12 systems have experience trauma that affects their educational goals. 


Individual Membership

$25 Annual Fee for individuals who participate in MCAN 

Organizational Membership 

$250 Annual Fee for agencies, institutions, associations, and organizations whose employees participate in MCAN 

Industry Stakeholder Membership 

$100 Annual Fee < 25 employees

$250 Annual Fee for > 25 employees 

Step 2: Payment


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